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Tremendous production of INKASEX. Nothing like a party to celebrate the birth of your next child. A little music, friends, gifts, everything perfect for it. Even Makanaky is present as one of your great friends. Between opening the gifts, and the excitement that comes with it, the guest needs to take a little nap to replenish her energy. All well and good until you realize that Makanaky has to go to the bathroom because she had a few too many drinks. Coming out of the W.C. you see her there, sleeping like a baby peacefully. You check to see if she is sleeping but she wakes up, looks at you and confesses that her libido is running wild. As she says: "pregnant women are always horny". So you have to make a decision, either you fuck your best friend who is pregnant and wants a chance with you, or you go back to the party where everyone is just talking and you miss out on the experience of a lifetime. I think the answer is obvious and Makanaky knows it, he chose wisely. Who knows and maybe the baby's first words will be GAAA. With this alone I must say, I hope Makanaky is the MINIMUM godfather. (WATCH THE 100% REAL VIDEO).

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  • Gabote92
  • 27/11/2022

Esa mujer est por reventar, rico

  • Cacheroafull
  • 23/11/2022



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